Shaq Was Brutally Humiliated By Serena Williams

Known for his boisterous on-court antics, Shaquille O’Neal – or Shaq, once faced insults from Serena Williams. When we think about one of the best basketball players to do it – it’s Shaq. When we think about one of the best tennis players to ever do it – it’s Serena. Two greats in their respective sports.



What would happen if the two would meet on a court together? Well, they once did and it made for a great talking piece.

Talking about domination in sports, in terms of physical strength and achievements, Shaq and Serena Williams will be definitely on that list. And what a spectacle for the world to behold when two premier athletes meet and play.

In 2009, Shaq was on the court, in this case, a tennis court, and on the opposite end was 23-time Grand Slam winner Serena Williams.

Shaq’s size seemed unfair when looking at Serena, but Serena would go on to prove that it’s all about the fight in the dog as she would give Shaq a few very important tips on how to improve his game.

Williams wanted Shaq to move across the court. Then Shaq gave the excuse that he doesn’t play tennis. Meanwhile, the Los Angeles Lakers legend said, “I just hit over that twice.” Williams, clearly not impressed with Shaq’s response, had a short nonchalant response, “Anyone can do that.”

Afterwards, Shaq was seen running back and forth on the court in a funny way and Williams commanded him to grunt louder. Soon Shaq showed his strength and started hitting the balls with his full strength. And following the shots comes the classic Shaquille O’Neal grunt. Even Williams was impressed with it. But in the end, Williams had the last laugh because she gave a short return and Shaq was unable to get under the ball.

Dustin Schumacher
Dustin Schumacher
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