Shaquille O’Neal Drops Kim Kardashian Bombshell

NBA legends Shaquille O’Neal and Charles Barkley are often involved in friendly banter on ‘Inside the NBA’. The two Hall of Famers are two of the most entertaining personalities on the show and are famous for their banter. They have a history of roasting each other and sometimes taking it too far with the jokes. However, that has never caused a rift between the two NBA legends.



Shaquille O’ Neal drops a body-shaming comment

On the recent episode of ‘The Big Podcast with Shaq’, Shaq roasted Charles Barkley’s physique while talking about him potentially getting a tattoo. The Big Diesel went on to roast Barkley for his physical size while also commenting about how the letters of the tattoo will look differently on him. Moreover, he also dragged in the Kardashian family during his epic ‘body-shaming’ rant.

Charles Barkley is often on the receiving end of Shaq’s roasts. Not to mention, Chuck himself ends up roasting Shaq on numerous occasions.

On the recent episode of ‘The Big Podcast with Shaq’, the co-hosts and Shaq talked about Barkley potentially getting a tattoo of the words ‘Mom’ on his behind. Barkley had recently talked about how he wanted to get a tattoo on his a** cheeks with the letters ‘M’ and ‘M’ on it. Interestingly enough, Shaq joked that the letters will look differently on Chuck’s obese body. Shaq said:

 “I’ve seen Chuck in the locker room, the M ain’t gonna sit like an M, its gonna sit like a Z. Chuck’s favorite car is the BMW, body made wrong.” He need to do a deal with the Kardashians so that he can get man Chuck got some 54 double D’s!” added the Big Diesel.

Co-hosts Nischelle Turner and Spice Adams were stunned by Shaq’s brutal roast. However, the Los Angeles Lakers legend was having non of it.

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