Shaquille O’Neal Drops Mila Kunis Bombshell

One prankster inside of the world of sports is Shaquille O’Neal. While Shaq loves to tell jokes and play pranks on others, it seems like he does not like the same being done to him. Just ask Ashton Kutcher.



Shaq once told Mila Kunis he thought of beating up Ashton Kutcher for pranking him until he realized Kutcher was married to Kunis.

Let’s take a step back to the early 2000s filled with Von Dutch t-shirts and trucker hats, also we had the Kutcher hosted prank show, ‘Punk’d’. Shaq would be on the show via hidden cameras where the joke consisted of Shaq getting his tired slashed in a parking lot after somebody complained about the Los Angeles Lakers legend taking too much space. The situation got heated and Shaq got physical with this person before finding out he was being pranked.

O’Neal was a fan of that show, but he didn’t like being punk’d and thought he would beat Kutcher up when they met again. Thankfully for Ashton, the 4x NBA champion learned that he was married to Mila Kunis and decided to put things to rest. Many years after that moment, Shaq would reveal to Kunis that he was serious about beating up Kutcher until he learned who was his wife

Shaq would say: “You saved your husband from getting beat up,” when he replaced Jimmy Kimmel on his show in 2017.

he continued: “I was a fan of his show, so when I finally meet him, let’s just say it’s on a Friday, I said, you’ll never punk me. Bet 100,000. So he punk’s me the next day. I was so pissed, I was like I’mma kill him. But then when I saw he was married to you, I let him go. He’s a good guy, give him a hug and a kiss from me.”

Kunis added that her husband tried to punk her too, but that never worked for Kutcher. Unlike Shaq, she had a way to avoid those pranks and remain happy with Ashton. These pranks became more common over the years, but not everybody had the chance to piss off a big legend like Shaquille O’Neal.

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