Shaquille O’Neal Drops Sad Tupac Bombshell

NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal is fond of music and respect for artists who produce masterpieces is well known. He has been seen praising and complementing some artists. It has been noted that a few months ago, O’Neal shared his thoughts on Tupac during a podcast appearance.



Shaquille O’ Neal opens up on Tupac

O’Neal remembered the legendary rapper with admiration. During the show, Shaq was asked to choose between Tupac and DMX, and he selected Tupac. As a follow-up question, the interviewer asked him if there was a story behind his choice. Shaq responded:

“No, I don’t have a Tupac story.”

The four-time NBA champion has always come up with strong opinions about music and artists. Recently, he ranted about the current generation’s music as well, echoing the beliefs of many. He said:

“It sounds the same to me. I can remember growing up, going through those tapes, everyone sounds different, from fat boys to skinny boys to LL.”

The former MVP is very particular about the way this generation’s music industry is going. Apparently, the Big Diesel is not impressed with the current music trends.

During the conversation about Tupac, Shaq recounted he once saw the rapper wearing his Orlando Magic #32 jersey, but he sadly has no stories of hanging out with him.

Shaq said:

“I have seen him all the time. And I saw him one time in my jersey, but he had a lot of people around him, he just gave me the… I love Tupac when he first came out.”

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