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Shawn Michaels heartbroken about Marty Jannetty’s lifestyle

Marty Jannetty’s fall from grace is well documented and he lives a very troubling lifestyle as he is spiralling down due to his self-destructive tendencies. He apparently requires surgery, but as he cannot afford it, he will keep medicating himself with alcohol in the meantime.

Jannetty and Shawn Michaels started in WWE together as the very popular tag team, The Rockers. Even if they no longer keep in touch, that does not mean HBK does not care about his former partner.

Miachels recently spoke to Challenge Mania. There, he admitted that he does not even have Jannetty’s contact number anymore. He revealed that he is heartbroken about Jannetty’s lifestyle.

“I no longer have a contact number for him. There are times I see him, he is great, he seems great. Other times it’s less so. It heartbreaking to me, just as it is to everyone else. I don’t know what any of us can do in that aspect. He has made a decision on how he wants to live his life. Truth be told, it’s not my place or anyone else’s to tell him how. All we can do is care about him when it’s not going well, care for him.”

We hope that Marty Jannetty eventually gets his life together and can make a recovery.

h/t to Wrestling Inc for the quote.

  • MT McGee

    You ever read the Bible? It says if someone refuses to hear your message, kick the dirt off your feet and leave. I’m sure Shawn has offered help, but he’s not going to stay there and force himself upon someone who seemingly has zero desire to change.

  • MT McGee

    You’re a terrible person.

  • KillSwitchTheBitch

    It’s okay to mock Christians, but not hateful atheists or muslims. Look at how tolerant I am!

  • Kayfabe_Is_Dead

    So how do you cure an addict then?

  • Kayfabe_Is_Dead

    You make no sense man

  • what?

    Look at all the butthurt Christians shinning example of why most people don’t take your fake religion seriously

  • I’m just saying

    You clearly aren’t a Christian, only a hate filled ignorant atheist.

  • Jason Conlan

    No but it gives you a purpose in life an addict needs to want to change otherwise it’s futile…..

  • Mick Thomas

    Some people can’t help themselves, just like you can’t help being a moron.

  • CC

    Yeah yeah, but regardless of whether it is his responsibilty or not, taking him to church etc is not exactly the way you cure an addict.

  • oppa

    He tried to help Marty years ago, would take Marty to church, tried to help him clean up and even baptized him. Marty made the choices he made and has to be man enough to live with them just like everyone else. You can’t help people who don’t really want help. Besides that, it’s not the responsibility of “caring Christians” to spend all of their hard earned money trying to take care of people who reject their beliefs. WWE uses part of that money to pay for rehab for people like Marty, but he doesn’t seem to take them up on it. No one can reasonably pin this on Shawn or anyone else.

  • CC

    So, he cares that much that he is not making an effort to reach out to him and potentially help him with his medical bills? Shawn is supposed to be this caring Christian, yet makes no effort to help. Hell, think about how much he could do with the Saudi blood money he got last year.