Shawn Michaels Leaked WWE Star Affair To Wife

The longstanding feud between Shawn Michaels and Bret Hart in the world of professional wrestling is notorious, characterized by heated exchanges and below-the-belt insults. One particularly contentious moment occurred when Michaels accused Hart of having an affair with Sunny, a fellow wrestler, during a promo. Interestingly, Michaels himself was involved in such an affair, but Hart remained unaware of this fact until much later.



Bruce Prichard, a prominent figure in the wrestling industry, recently revealed that Bret Hart had no knowledge of Michaels’ infamous “Sunny Days” comment at the time it was made. It was only after the incident that Hart’s first wife, Julie Smadu, brought it to his attention. She was shocked by Michaels’ accusation and felt the need to confront Hart about it.

During an episode of Something to Wrestle, Prichard shared this surprising revelation about Hart’s unawareness:

“Bret didn’t even know the comment was made when it happened. Bret didn’t hear it, or it went right over his head. Bret had no clue at all until he got home, and his wife was like, ‘What the hell was that?’ So, everybody makes it a big deal. There was no big deal that night at all. It wasn’t until the ramifications in other people, you know, like Dave Meltzer, starts talking about it and stirring up sh*t that wasn’t there.”

The tension between Hart and Michaels escalated following the controversial remark made by Michaels during an apparently unscripted promo on the May 19, 1997, episode of RAW. Michaels insinuated that Hart had been involved in an affair with Sunny. However, both Hart and Sunny have denied the truth of this allegation.

The Michaels-Hart feud remains a significant chapter in wrestling history, exemplifying the personal animosity and intense rivalries that captivate fans. While the “Sunny Days” comment added fuel to the fire, it is intriguing to learn that Hart himself was initially unaware of Michaels’ accusation and only discovered it through his wife’s reaction.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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