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Shawn Michaels on rumors of WrestleMania match

Whether or not Shawn Michaels’ Crown Jewel return end up being a one-off thing will only be revealed in future, but Michaels himself has been constant in maintaining that it was the last time.

He made similar comments during a recent appearance on Edge & Christian’s podcast when the Rated R Superstar asked him about possibly having another match.

Edge asked Shawn whether or not he will do it again and the Heartbreak Kid said that the only reason he said yes to the Crown Jewel bout was that it was a special request:

Negative. the 100% only reason I said yes to this one was, one, it was a special request by other people and, again, it was a chance – I looked at it as somebody’s asking the [Rolling] Stones and Kiss to come over and just play their greatest hits.

He continued to discuss the matter and while talking about the rumors of him competing at WrestleMania, the former World Champion said that he wanted to end his WrestleMania matches with a high performance and he did so:

WrestleMania puts me in a much tougher, more difficult situation performance-wise and that’s something I’ve had – that’s been consistent over the last eight years, I have not wanted to be put in that position, because I’m good with the performances that I had at WrestleMania and I wanted to end those the way that I ended them. This just happened to be a special thing that again I didn’t think in a million years would come up, but it did and that’s honestly the only reason I said yes.

  • Grant Thomson

    Money talks. That tag match was hard to watch anyway. I’ll stick with the classics