Shawn Michaels Paid Big Money For ‘Dream Match’

Shawn Michaels received one of his biggest WrestleMania pay days against Kurt Angle at WWE WrestleMania 21, as Angle said it was the biggest payday he ever got. Angle said his WrestleMania 19 main event against Brock Lesnar was not his biggest WWE paycheck on The Kurt Angle Show on with Conrad Thompson.



“It was not, but it was one of my highest paydays. My match with Shawn Michaels was my biggest payday. WrestleMania 21. I think because it was a featured match and there was Shawn and myself and you know, no title on the line, so we weren’t main eventing, but it was a dream match, and I think that’s the reason why Vince McMahon paid me more for that match than the other matches.

You know, I main evented WrestleMania 19, sort of WrestleMania 20, because I was in a world title match, and WrestleMania 22, which I was in a world title match. They weren’t all last, very last. But I made the same money on all three of those main events. But, Shawn’s match I made a little bit more.”

He also said he enjoyed working with Paul Heyman creatively, “Yes I did. I think Paul is very talented. I think that he comes up with excellent ideas and concepts. Him coming in definitely helped us out.

It seemed like the writing was more geared for RAW, but when Paul came in, we were safe. SmackDown was taken care of because he has a great mind for the wrestling business. He comes up with some crazy things but they work almost all the time. Paul is the one who wanted me to change gears and become the wrestling machine. That’s what I did. I backed it up.”

Michael Joseph
Michael Joseph
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