Shawn Michaels Reveals Sad Truth About Mandy Rose

Anything is possible in the world of professional wrestling. That includes family members of pro wrestlers competing in promotions different from the ones they work for. Mandy Rose has also been having a great run in NXT so far. Mandy Rose also previously leaked a bad message from Randy Orton.


Rose was the NXT Women’s Champion for 413 days but she ended up losing it on NXT last year, dropping it to Roxanne Perez. She was then released by WWE For violating their protocols regarding her NSFW third party content.
Rose recently opened up about the situation claiming that she did nothing wrong by posting her premium content during an interview with the Tamron Hall Show, including a video implicating intimacy with her boyfriend in the shower.

While speaking during the NXT Vengeance Day media call, WWE Hall Of Famer Shawn Michaels talked about Mandy Rose getting fired. Michaels revealed that he didn’t fire Mandy Rose.

Obviously it’s not the ideal situation, I will say if I’m allowed to say for the record, I didn’t fire her, I can’t fire anybody. The only thing correct about any of that was I handle creative. It was unfortunate, I think Mandy was fantastic for us, I absolutely enjoyed working with her, she was a phenomenal champion. We would have loved things to have gone differently and been able to build our story with Roxanne, but I was put in a position where I was made to make a call creatively.

What I’ve learned doing this job was nothing comes before the brand and we have to put those things forward and that’s what we did. Roxanne was certainly what we were going to go regardless, but we just had to cut a few weeks earlier than we expected to. The great thing is we’re back on course and I will say I think of the world of Mandy Rose, she was nothing but phenomenal with us and we’ll miss her.

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