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Shawn Michaels says he and Triple H are like “giddy schoolkids” at NXT

Shawn Michaels has taken on his role with the WWE pretty well. The Heartbreak Kid is a coach in NXT, and couldn’t be happier.

In a recent interview with SPORTSBible, Michaels had a chance to talk about the recent UK Championship Tournament events held in Royal Albert Hall, and how he’s enjoying his time working with the next generation.

How much satisfaction do you get behind the scenes now?

Tons. It’s funny because I’m less comfortable out there than I’ve ever been. I look at it and I think to myself, ‘My goodness. The WWE and wrestling business as a whole are in such good hands.’ I’m thrilled with the talent coming through.

It’s awesome to go out there and tear the house down, especially to do it with your buddies, but taking a role and watching someone else…and you know very well it’s their dream too, because you felt the same thing, come back after they’ve torn the house down and see them hugging each other…we’re like two giddy schoolkids at those TakeOvers sitting at the back.

We’re popping and jumping up and down in our seats because it’s just so fantastic. It’s hard to beat.

Michaels has said before that, while maybe a tag team match isn’t completely out of the question as far as a return goes, he simply isn’t the same Showstopper that he was before, and doesn’t feel he would be able to give the fans the show they would want.

At least where he is now, he’s helping to give crowds a show by coaching the up and coming talent at the Performance Center and through NXT.

  • Rinn13

    It’s Ironic that Shawn likes “making future stars” in his old age, because in his 90s prime, he and his Cliq were all about squashing people’s runs. Just ask Bam Bam or Vader, or Shamrock, etc. etc.