Shawn Michaels vs. Daniel Bryan WrestleMania Rumor Leaks

Shawn Michaels and Daniel Bryan are huge names in the world of pro-wrestling. It’s hard to find someone who isn’t a fan of either of these two greats. We have word of a huge rumor that has just traveled down the pipeline that you won’t want to miss as we unravel this a bit more. Brie Bella Reveals Daniel Bryan ‘Bedroom’ Secret.



Daniel Bryan had an interview with talkSPORT where he spoke about some of his future dream WrestleMania matchups. Bryan picked a few different ones, but one stuck out. That one being the match between him and Shawn Michaels.

Before we get straight to that, let’s comb over Bryan’s choices. Bryan stated the following for his first pick:
“If I could do a match ten years from now, and this is assuming that I’m still capable of doing it and that he progresses to a level like that, one of the things that I think would be really cool… William Regal’s son, Bailey Matthew.”

Daniel Bryan added that William was a joy to work with and his son would bring everything full circle. Bryan then spoke about an HBK WrestleMania dream match: ““Another one I’ve always wanted but I’ve never been able to do was Shawn Michaels. He trained me and I just think the story there would be really cool.”

While Daniel vs Shawn may never happen, we would love to see it ten years ago or so.

Dustin Schumacher
Dustin Schumacher
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