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Sheamus’ injury status

Sheamus has not appeared on WWE television since Wrestlemania 35 as he is currently injured and on the shelf. However, there is are no details regarding the seriousness of his injury.

Sean Ross Sapp said on Fightful Select’s Q&A that there was the chance that Sheamus would be able to wrestle at Wrestlemania, which he was able to. There is no update regarding his injury status, but he had a lot of issues before he had to take time off.

“I had heard last year that there were a lot of people that were surprised that Sheamus could still wrestle as effectively as he could considering some of the injury issues and the pain that he had been in.”

“Honestly the thing I was told by one wrestler was that if he got through WrestleMania that would be really awesome. Not as if they were hoping that or the company was hoping that, but that wrestler personally was hoping that Sheamus could get through this WrestleMania and he did and that was about it. No update yet, but man, with a bad neck and then you get a concussion on top of that, that’s not hot.”

The Bar was broken up as Sheamus’ tag team partner Cesaro was moved to RAW. So Sheamus is still on Smackdown Live, but he hasn’t shown up on TV yet.

Hopefully, Sheamus makes his return soon enough and is able to compete once again.

  • Kayfabe_Is_Dead

    I saw a youtube video reporting that Sheamus may be forced to retire. Of course, probably just as much speculation as this “status update” but still a different take on the story…

  • Soulshroude

    Seriously… that’s all you got is “a new haircut”? How shallow can someone be, without being a Kardashian, or Mr. Caitlyn Jenner?

  • CC

    I will say this one thing about The Bar and as to whether they are indeed broken up or not.
    We have seen so far with this shake up that it has been pointless with the likes of Andrade moving shows for one week then going back the next. If/When Sheamus does return, who knows which show he will even be on.
    I would not put it past WWE to have him just appear on RAW and resume their tag team.

  • ROB-1.

    If Sheamus returns I hope he has a new haircut.