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Sheamus Talks About Doing More Acting, Video Profile on Son of WWE Agent, WWE Stock

– In the video below, The Belfast Telegraph profiles fourth-generation wrestler David Finlay, Jr. He is the son of WWE’s Fit Finlay.

– WWE stock was up 0.84% on Thursday, closing at $13.23 per share. The high was $13.46 and the low was $13.12.

– The UK’s Mirror notes that Sheamus has been inspired to get into acting after seeing Batista in Guardians of the Galaxy. Sheamus has done some acting in the past and says he would like to play Venom in a Spider-Man movie. He commented:

“I definitely think there’s a market for me to be in movies, because of what I’ve done in WWE. I’m recognisable – even if I’m out wearing a hat people always know I’m Sheamus from WWE. I do look distinctive with my red hair and I stand out a lot and I definitely would like to bring that to the movies … I like actors like Michael Fassbender, I think he’s brilliant. I think Hugh Jackman is great too – look at the way he took the role of Wolverine and made it his. Robert Downey Jr. I’m a big fan of as well. It would honour to work with any of those guys.”