Sheamus wants to become the Intercontinental Champion?

After winning the Tag Team Championships at Extreme Rules PPV, Sheamus now appears to have his eyes set on another Championship of the Raw roster.



The former WWE Champion recently posted a photo from his Twitter account which included all the championship belts he has won in WWE so far.

In the tweet as seen below, he stated that there is only one title belt missing for the Grand Slam, the Intercontinental Championship and claimed that it will be his:

The reigning Intercontinental Champion The Miz also took notice of Sheamus’s tweet and replied with a tweet of his own declining his claim about winning the title:

Now it’d be interesting to see if this twitter exchange results in a feud between in the two in upcoming time or if their battle only turns out to be verbal.

Though it’s worth noting that the chances of these two Raw superstars getting engaged in a feud are not very bright as both of them are currently heels.

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