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The Shield Used To “Gang Up On People” To Get Their Way Backstage In WWE

As a guest on Talk is Jericho this week, Dean Ambrose relayed an interesting story about how the Shield operated backstage before they went their separate ways, explaining that they basically worked their TV gimmick with the office.

He said…

“We’ve gone in, like the three of us, and protested everything. If we don’t like something, we were like terrors to them because it’s going to be ‘oh god, The Shield’s not going to like this’ and then two seconds later we’re in the office, ‘uh, yeah, we don’t like this.’ Not that we’re like jerks but, you know.

“They wanted us to, I think it was like our second or third pay-per-view, it was like right before our first WrestleMania, it was like a six-man on a pay-per-view, the finish was Cena over with the schmutz. And we’re like, as soon as we go down to John, we’re just like everybody else because that’s what he does to everybody else. There will be a time where we’ll do that all day and that’s fine but it’s not today. Otherwise, why are we even here? We went into that pay-per-view like ‘we’re not doing it,’ more or less. We didn’t have to because there was enough people on our side, and it was brought up, but it was one of those things where, like, we were always on the same side, one-for-all, all-for-one. If we didn’t like something it would be like ‘nope, not happening’ because there are three of us and it’s hard to gang up on all three of us. So we would gang up on people to get our way, kind of thing.”

  • CC

    I just love this comment “And we’re like, as soon as we go down to John, we’re just like everybody else because that’s what he does to everybody else.” which kinda reinforces the opinion that most of the iwc has, that Cena is not used to put talent over, they are used to help keep him as the top dog.
    Cena does not need to win all the time or be Superman. Fans love an underdog, and thats exactly what Cena isn’t. WWE should be using him to elevate talent by letting them actually win, and not in a way that makes it look like luck or through just cheating. Yes he needs to win sometimes, but nowhere near as often as he does. The main reason Daniel Bryan is so popular is because he is the underdog. People want to get behind that fighting spirit.
    The Shield on the other hand needed to win as much as possible or lose via cheating, as that is exactly what their gimmick was (same for the Wyatts). I would go as far as to say that factions like The Shield and Wyatts should only ever lose matches to factions like themselves (or get double DQ).

  • TheFizPop

    I’m not a fan who wants it all my way, but WM was harder to watch knowing it should have been Bray v taker, not losing to Cena, which regardless of the naive people, did hurt Bray to at least the audiences (primarily young). He wasn’t as dangerous, wyatts should have ganged up too. Glad its worked out for Seth and Dean though

  • Keith Learmonth

    I’m glad they did. I’m glad Cena wasn’t the one to end them. Those guys were dominant right up until they split, pretty much. A loss to Cena that early, and we’d probably have Rollins and Ambrose as a heel midcard tag team, and Reigns as a face US champion now… with that being about as good as they’d ever get.