Shinsuke Nakamura apologises to John Cena after their match

There is a long history of neck injuries shortening the careers of many WWE Stars and John Cena could have been the next one to join the list after tonight’s SmackDown Live.



Cena who was involved in a match with Shinsuke Nakamura took a pretty nasty bump seconds before the bout ended which could have ended his career.

The bump as seen in the video below happened when Nakamura hit a suplex on John and the Cenation Leader landed hard on his neck:

Though being a gentleman, the former NXT Champion apologised to his opponent for the botched move after the match saying ‘I am sorry’ and Cena responded by saying ‘Don’t be sorry’ as visible in the GIF below:

Thankfully, the former 16-time world champion didn’t show signs of any damage from the botch after the match and he apparently kicked off his new SummerSlam feud after the show.

You can check out the complete SmackDown Live results of this week here.

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