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Shinsuke Nakamura expected to debut on main WWE roster soon

No prizes for guessing which top star is missing from the promotional material below for NXT’s tour across the pond in the UK:

So for those that still haven’t figured it out, we’re talking about Shinsuke Nakamura. The natural assumption is that Nakamura not being included on the promotional material means his main roster debut is imminent, and that is the case according to the Wrestling Observer newsletter. The King of Strong Style is indeed coming soon and he is expected to appear on the main roster “very shortly.”

It’s expected he may jump to the main roster on the Raw after WrestleMania 33, meaning he will likely lose to Bobby Roode at NXT TakeOver: Orlando.

How would you guys debut the King of Strong Style? Will his lack of fluency in English be a problem on the main roster? We’d love to hear your thoughts…


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  • blkwolf13

    I mean if 3 hrs actually drains u turn it off. Its entertainment not homework lol u dont haaaave to watch. Just watch the first 15 min and the final 15.

  • Arnold Jackson

    The 205 guys/women’s division carry RAW, none of the rest of them even wrestle it feels like.

  • Arnold Jackson

    It really feels like Tye Dillinger is going to be the next young guy pushed to the moon in NXT. I expect him to be built up over the next few months and then to go over Bobby Roode as next champ. The crowds chanting 10 at ever count out is to blame for this. He can get over in NXT but I just don’t see him as an impact guy on the main roster.

  • M

    I like Roode but other than his entrance and great mic skills, I don’t see him as “the” face but a face. Once Nakamura’s up, they don’t really have anyone who can head to head with him. Hideo Itami is the only one that I can think of for now.

  • M

    True. Raw wouldn’t need Nakamura if they knew how to properly book the 3 hours it’s on. Sad reality is if they booked everything better they wouldn’t need so many stars on Raw to carry it. I just wish they’d go back to 2 hours, I know I’m not the only who feels drained watching an episode of Raw each week.

  • Buzzkiller73

    First NXT is a one hr show. They have a “face” of the place in Bobby Roode. Second if you are talking depleted rosters Raw is the shits. Yes there have been recent additions like Joe, and Finn will be back soon but that is not enough to carry 3 hrs. Finally the experiment with the cruiserweights is failing due to lackluster creative. So yes Nakamura is a needed addition to either main roster but especially Raw.


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  • Solid

    Bobby Roode imo.

  • Kristopher Robinson

    It won’t be soon. Like M said there isn’t enough depth on the nxt roster and Balor is coming back soon.

  • M

    Then who will be the face of NXT? The roster is already depleted, unless they get Kenny Omega or someone of that caliber, NXT is going to be pretty gloomy for the next several months.