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Should WWE turn John Cena heel?



Post your comments below and discuss….

  • Austin

    heel cena was good better then the super cena we have now but wwe wont risk all the popularity he got maybe if he gets injured and turns heel then that could work

  • JRoD

    Cena as a heel? the day that happens again is when Jesus comes to earth.

    Even though a turn just like hogan would makes Cena alot more popular he would lose alot of TV appearences and stuff like that and Vince would get less money…

    Oh and Hogan heel turn was WCW idea, and we all know how much Vince hates WCW and anything assossiated with it, so i doubt he would copy there idea.

  • Thekingfinallyjoinsin

    Its amazing how near sighted people are. WWE is a company. It employs thousands of people for thousands of jobs. John Cena is an employee. He is an employee who brings in the kiddies and the women. John is simply doing his job and getting paid for what he obviously is enjoys. He gets opportunites to act, to appear on various tv shows. He gets paid to be the character he is. Trust i prefer a titleless John Cena and would enjoy seeing a heel Cena (as a heel he was so popular they turned him face midstoryline. Survivor series 03, i think, team brock vs team angle) but from a business sense, it wont happen til a more powerful face takes the reigns from Cena. And takes the weight of popularity off of him, THEN and only then will we see a heel Cena.

  • ??

    His face persona and you guys constant griping and whining about it are getting old. Grow up or get over it. This is the new era. Its time to move forward except for moving backward this isnt the 90’s. Get over it. its OVER

  • Calix

    Are you fucking kinding me ? Cean should stay the same. And as far as tradeing to tna for Joe and aj there wolud not work for wwe. Aj is not good any more. Joe is not good for wwe or tna.

  • RDWR

    he has a better gimmick as a heel nuf said

  • Jess

    i’m not going to lie cena’s kind of boring now… i would actually like to see him turn heel… it would be more interesting then what he is now

  • Rich

    all of u guys who say cena should turn heel ant that he is a bad wrestler are morons.

  • Andrew_Gigan

    at this point, who cares? he’s been in pretty much every match WWE has to offer. his pressence is getting more then stale. he’s “chewing gum that’s lost all of it’s flavor.”

  • Exusninja

    baddog_1_2k on Mon, 4th Jan 2010 10:56 PM

    They should fire him LOL or better yet send him to tna in trade for AJ and Joe

    Right on brother. At least straight up for AJ styles. I’d love to see him on a WWE platform.

    As for Cena, i do not like him period. He’s a boring wrestler, but as a heal rapper at least i could enjoy his mic skills. Put him heal and let him go against someone else i don’t like so i can skip him altogether

  • ConSkii

    Cena heel?..that equals a rubbish W26 match..I would love to see him against kingston or sumone that could give him a run for his money..can you imagine him at smackdown? that is a few good matches right there..him Vs. Taker Or Mysterio?..Personally I wouldnt

  • TJ

    Cena as a heel, can’t be any worse than he is now ! LOL

  • Danarchy

    He Was Actually not a bad heel back in the day his rapping was funny now he’s jus Sh*t and has been 4 alone time wwe needs 2 change him

  • nick

    yeah i hope that WWE stops him face gimmick its stupid now wats the point theres not enough heels and john cena being a heel would be good i think coz then the faces could beat some shit into him like look back to when he was a heel him vs brock lesnar stuff like that then all the little kids wouldn’t like him as much and all of the teens and adults could WWE and it would be better coz if john went to being a heel not many little kids would watch it then we could change it back to M15+ so then we can see blood hear the swearing and watching good decent wrestling without having to watching 50 thousand 10 year old kids in the arena being little bitches and making WWE suck

  • Dwayne

    I think he should turn heel, or give him atleast some sort of a gimmick. He’s super boring.

  • K2J

    I feel as though he has had a good run as a “face” wrestler. But look at Hunter, Orton, and even Dave now, They all get major pops, no matter weather they are face or heel. The fans will cheer for whoever is the best, peroid… So while I think he should turn heel, it will not really affect his popularity!

  • Jibran

    A john cena heel turn may have the same effect as that of the Hogan turn in WCW. However, it would work if he turns heel against the right person, example, Undertaker at Wrestlemania!

  • Andrew

    Yes, because his face gimmick is stale now. He was better as a heel anyways.

  • baddog_1_2k

    They should fire him LOL or better yet send him to tna in trade for AJ and Joe