Show-Del Rio Angle Set for RAW, Update on Monday’s RAW Replay and More

– Stan sent word that there was 32 minutes and 23 seconds of in-ring action on this week’s episode of Monday Night RAW, up a bit from the previous week.



– USA Network VP Ted Linhart was asked on Twitter if RAW would continue to replay on Monday nights after it did this week after the Tough Enough finale replay. Linhart said the RAW replay on Monday night was a one-time thing to accommodate the replay of Tough Enough since the two ran together. Since Tough Enough is over, WWE will return to their normal two-hour block of TV on Monday nights once the June 13th and June 20th three-hour RAW shows are over.

– An angle is booked between Big Show and Alberto Del Rio for next week’s three-hour RAW, likely to set up a match between the two at Capitol Punishment.

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