Sin Cara Claims Innocence With Drug Test Failure, Denies Using Steroids

Sin Cara, who was suspended Monday by WWE for violating their Talent Wellness Program, spoke to Mexican newspaper The Record to claim his innocence.



The masked grappler says he was informed by WWE officials that he tested positive for steroids. He requested clarification on the matter and noted that he would be meeting with company officials this week.

Cara said many medications contain steroids and he believes a routine injection to his knee to alleviate persistent pain triggered a false positive. He denied taking steroids, noting that he isn’t built like a person who uses them.

Regarding his real name being made public, which is considered taboo in lucha libre, the SmackDown Superstar said it was wrong but fans are more interested with seeing his face.

The full article, which contains audio, is available here. reports that Sin Cara failed a drug test in June. He told officials that he could produce a prescription for the substance he tested positive for, but was unable to satisfactorily do so after several weeks.

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