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Sin Cara requests his WWE release

  • CC

    The problem is the spotlight has been on WWE for a long time now with how bad morale is and the petty tactics that they are taking with contracts, and nothing changes. People keep signing with them, and people keep watching them. Water off a ducks back to Vince and co.

  • CC

    Not only that, if the truth is there is still three years left on his contract, it will also be extended due to injury. He was out for several months this year, so you know that will be tacked on.

  • EVH

    It’s not like if he goes he takes the character with him.

    They can just put the mask on someone else…or retire it since it seems jinxed.

  • lobsterball

    Good ol career suicide. Perhaps if he requested it quietly he had a chance. Once he put it out in the public now WWE will swing it’s hammer of power to make a point.

  • Whistling Joe

    While WWE is sure to turn it down, I’m glad wrestlers do this. It shines a spotlight on how stupid WWE is and how many people are unhappy being there. It makes WWE look bad every time someone requests their release and then again when WWE refuses to let them go. Though in the case of Mike Bennet, he JUST signed a new contract 3 months ago. After not getting used for most of his first contract, he was dumb to sign a new one expecting things to be different. I really thought he’d end up going back to ROH and feuding with Taven for the title.

  • CC

    And this tactic has worked so well recently hasn’t it.