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Sin Cara’s request reportedly denied

Sin Cara baron Corbin SmackDown Live

Earlier today, Sin Cara publicly requested his release from the WWE. The former NXT Tag Team Champion felt that he wasn’t going to get any further in the company and decided to move on.

Sin Cara wasn’t the first Superstar to ask for his release this year. However, he’ll more than likely be one of many that are denied. PWInsider reported today that the company will not be approving Sin Cara’s release. He’s been working with Andrade throughout the European tour and was expected to return to TV afterward.

However, now it looks like he’ll be sent home instead of appearing on Raw in Boston, Massachusetts next week.

  • CC

    Many people have requested their release without using social media and all have been denied. Pretty much nobody is gonna be released, no matter route they go.

  • Rinn13

    Nah, they wouldn’t have released him regardless. They are in full on Rtard mode, as far as “hey, even though we’re not making nearly as much money outside of our stupid Saudi deal as we used to, let’s spend literal millions of dozens of wrestlers we have zero intention of actually using, just to keep them form being on other shows.” I really, really, really hope it winds up biting them hard.

  • wildeye

    Unfortunately if he wouldn’t have put it out there in the public, letting all the other promoters know he might be a free agent then maybe he would’ve been released. I can understand he wants out and has many options outside wwe but should’ve waited till he got the release.

  • F. Loyd B. Pippin

    No way they want him vs Rey Finex in AEW. WWE has way too much talent and are about to become WCW in the fact that they will have to pay a ton of people to sit at home and do nothing. Just sad.

  • Will Henderson

    sadly, Sin Cara has been “Homer Simpson’d”, meaning he got the “don’t forget, you’re here forever” treatment.