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SmackDown: Aiden English unravels what took place in Milwaukee

Rusev Day

Rusev and Lana’s former partner Aiden English turned on the duo a couple of weeks ago and cited Lana as the reason behind his actions.

On this week’s episode of SmackDown, Aiden unraveled Lana’s “secret” in a video that he showed to the entire WWE Universe and the couple themselves.

Rusev came out to the ring and demanded Aiden to show the video footage evidence of what happened in Milwaukee, after which Aiden came out and revealed the video where Aiden is practicing his promos.

Shortly afterwards we see Lana coming in Aiden’s room because she want to tell him something. The video cuts off in the middle of her sentence with a very suspicious “I want you,” being the only part of her sentence that we get to hear.

There’s more to this as Aiden said he can’t reveal the entire video because of “legal obligations” with TMZ, who have a very “entertaining and attractive offer” for him, and that he wouldn’t want to cheat on them.

You can check out the entire segment of the show in the video below.

  • CC

    I was really hoping for something better than this. Anyone with half a brain could tell she was gonna say something like “I want you to leave Rusev alone” or “I want you to sing us to the ring” etc, so if Rusev cannot see that, it just makes him look dumb as a bag of rocks.

  • Dirt McGirt

    “I want you…to announce us tonight.” Pathetically obvious where this is going.