SmackDown audience drops for SummerSlam go home episode

While the viewership for Raw episode going into the SummerSlam increased slightly, the numbers saw a drop when it comes to SmackDown Live.



This week’s episode of the Blue Branded Show with the segment between AJ Styles and Samoa Joe closing the episode drew a total of 2.189 million viewers.

In comparison, last week’s show, featuring the New Day vs. Bar for the main event garnered 2.197 million viewers which means this week’s show saw a decrease of 0.36%.

The episode seeing such a drop before an important PPV like SummerSlam is a matter of concern for officials especially considering the new TV deal with Fox.

Now it’d be interesting to see how the show performs for the SummerSlam follow up episode and if we see any changes into the programming in upcoming weeks.

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