SmackDown continues to draw poor live attendance (photo)

While WWE has made some efforts to make their programming more interesting and they have been trying new things in hopes to garner more interest in their product, the company hasn’t seen a lot of increased interest.



Last year we saw the company pulling some of its lowest TV ratings in the history and the Live attendance for the shows also saw some massive decline.

The same was the case for this week’s episode of SmackDown Live as well and below is a picture showcasing the poor attendance during the Becky Lynch segment on the show:

SmackDown is the house to some of the biggest stars of the company and it’s generally praised as the better show among the two when compared to Raw by the fans.

So if the show is still drawing such poor attendance maybe the company needs to rethink their strategy of making the brand their star and try to build some more stars that can draw the audience to the arenas.

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