SmackDown sees huge increase in audience after returning to Fox

Last week’s episode of SmackDown had done shockingly poor numbers on F1S but the show bounced back this week and saw a major increase in the viewership.



This week’s episode of the Blue Branded Show featuring a surprise main event between Daniel Bryan and Adam Cole drew a total of 2.543 million viewers.

This is a 186% increase from last week’s episode of the show which was broadcasted on F1S due to the MLB World Series coverage on FOX and had drawn only 888,000 viewers.

Another good news for WWE is that the episode saw a 5.17% increase compared to the last SmackDown episode on Fox as well which had drawn 2.418 million viewers.

Though last week’s episode of Raw had not provided the same positive news for WWE and it had drawn 2.133 million viewers, down from previous week’s 2.341 million viewers.

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