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SmackDown Star being considered for a singles push

The New Day Money In The Bank

While SmackDown Star Big E has spent most of his time on main roster being part of factions, it appears that WWE may finally be getting ready to give him a singles run.

According to reports from Pwinsider, Officials are considering a singles push for the New Day Member and the upcoming Money In The Bank ladder match could be the start of it.

If the company is really planning to push the former Intercontinental Champion, then it also possibly reveals a spoiler for the New Day vs The Bar match announced for SmackDown Live next week.

The match has the stipulation that one member of the winning team would qualify for the upcoming Ladder match and if these reports are true then the former NXT Champion Big E could be the one to earn the spot.

Do you think Big E deserves a singles push? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.

  • CC

    I grew bored of New Day ages ago, but then again I am not the target market for them seeing as they are mostly aimed at kids. Of all of them, Big E is the least talented, but has come a long way since his days with Ziggler etc. That said, whether he can stand on his own two feet as a viable singles competitor is debatable.

    Personally I think now that he has established himself, Xavier Woods could do with a decent solo push, and see where he goes.

    Kofi on the other hand was over as a singles competitor, but will probably never be anymore than a topline mid carder.

  • Nicholas Giambattista

    Well to be honest the New Day was a good tag team but it just run it course. I do believe Big E will be huge in his single push. But also lets not forget Kofi also one time had a very good single career.

  • Maybe so

    I only approve if it ends New Day and Big E drops the horrifying gyrations and pancakes.

  • Rinn13

    What a shock, that the one out of the group they’re considering pushing, is the big power wrestler.