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SmackDown suffers another big drop in viewership

  • Luke

    Lol “paper champion”…it’s professional wrestling. All the champions are paper champions.

  • Zach

    I watched smackdown this week. The wrestling is the same every week so I normally fast forward for a good story. There are no good stories. So I fast forwarded through nearly everything. They are fighting over mid titles. The “feuds” are based on the good guys being stupid or short. Is this 5th grade or wrestling?

    They drafted Alexa and Nicki separate. Instead of as a tag team. On the same show. Them traded them for “considerations?”

    They couldn’t plan a big trade before hand? Then they do that hell in a cell finish. They wore the same clothes in the draft rooms both nights, had the same Microsoft Surface demo video with the peacock playing both nights.

    I’ve been watching AEW, all through the TNT app. It’s raw, edgy, nostalgic, and has great wrestling. I’m actually paying attention to tag team matches with no purpose.

    Now they are wrestling for a mid card championship while Lesnar again sits on the sideline.

    And if WWE can’t fix this quick. I’m out.

  • Michael Justin Arnold

    AJ is better off on RAW! Actually fresh opponents for him there, unlike the dregs (and D. Bry) that he’d be relegated to facing on SD

  • Michael Justin Arnold

    Yes bc all the ratings wins & losses fall on the champs shoulders… Lesnar definately sucks, but its a myth that people are just tuning in or out just because of the champ

  • D_Ohm

    Maybe having a paper champion is a dumb idea. You could have blamed last week’s drop on the lack of attitude era stars like the first episode. Now it’s all Lesnar.

  • Sparti Love

    Maybe if SD felt better than it was on USA, maybe more people would tune in but lets be real, Reigns is not a ratings draw. In addition, having Lesnar as the SD champ and not being on the show each week does not help. Makes it much easier to simply skip SD. Should have had AJ on the show.. Makes no sense to have him on Raw

  • CC

    I suppose this is Bischoffs fault as well.

    As I said before, his firing was nothing to do with SD ratings and was more to it like the later reports said.

    Not quite sure why this site has ignored that even Dynamite has had a drop off every week. While the SD ratings drop is large, most of that is to do with just how many viewers they got in week one, but even AEW lost nearly half a million in their second week.

  • CC

    As far as I know they only count live numbers, not people watching DVR recordings or whatever. And yes, they are only US ratings.

    As you say though, drop offs in ratings like this are not unique to Smackdown or WWE.

  • hodgie_guy

    Not just WWE’s ratings but everyone’s. The wrestling audience isn’t what it once was. Impact ratings are a joke, ROH are bad, AEW has dropped every week since its debut and in another couple of weeks could be below 1 million viewers. I wonder how many people watch these shows using IPTV? Are those viewers counted in the ratings? Also are those ratings just the US numbers? I wonder what they are like among other countries?

  • rob

    Hopefully it will keep dropping, wwe deserved it at this point, i don’t know what was FOX thinking when they make this deal