The Smark’s Remarks: WWE Summerslam 2012 Predictions

It’s time for Summerslam! The Smarks are all here this month to share their take on WWE’s annual August spectacular! Let’s get to it!



Pre Show US Title Match: Antonio Cesaro vs Santino Marella(c)

Ace: I’m predicting Cesaro will steamroll Marella and become the new United States Champion. Yes, it’s a little soon for a guy who just got bumped up onto the main roster, but it’s Claudio Castagnoli. He’s one of the Kings of Wrestling. You can’t ignore talent like that. He plays his character excellently and he’s an amazing wrestler. I feel this is exactly what the US Belt needs in order to get a little shine back on it after being reduced to comic fodder with Santino (who is horribly misused. He’s a great clown, but he’s an even better wrestler.)

KP: I really do not expect the United States Championship to change hands on a pre-show. Santino will finally get a win over Cesaro; then at some point on Smackdown, the Swiss sensation will take the title from LONG time holder Santino.

Prediction: Santino retains the US Title.

Thunder: Santino has been a boring Champion, and the guy is popular with or without the title. As for this rivalry with Cesaro, I think it’s not quite over yet. I’m predicting Santino to retain the title. Confidence points: 2

Lightning: This is the second time the United State Title has been defended on the PPV pre-show. The good news this time is that the WWE actually took the time to build a small feud between Marella and Cesaro. Cesaro has beaten Marella twice and the WWE seems to be high on Cesaro to become a top contender in the future. I believe that the two wins Cesaro owns is significant, but I’m just not sure how significant.

Prediction: Santino Marella to retain the United States Title
Confidence Points: 1

Tag Team Championship Match: The Prime Time Players vs Kofi Kingston and R-Truth(c)

Ace: Let me start by saying this: AW blew it big time. Oh well, Brian Jossy was annoying on WWECW, and he was a good heel manager, but almost as equally annoying. Seriously, did he need a wireless mic so that we could hear him even louder?

Moving on to the match, PTP should keep their momentum going, but after losing AW, something tells me they’ll lose some steam. Something’s got to be done to that tag team division. They need managers badly because all of them, with the exception of the current champions and The Ascension in NXT, are so bland.

My pick is for Kofi & R-Truth to retain, since I think PTP is going to fall into creative limbo for a while.

KP: Prime Time Players lost their manager due to pure stupidity….but I hope the WWE continues their push and has PTP win the tag team gold, because what have Kofi and Truth really done with the titles? They’re a solid team in my opinion but I think WWE needs to face the facts; they need Kofi Kingston to be a single’s star again. I don’t know why he’s stuck in tag team purgatory. Same goes for Truth.

Prediction: Prime Time Players win the WWE Tag Team Titles

Thunder: This rivalry has grown stale, and I like the PTP a lot. Unfortunately, I don’t think Summerslam is going to be a night of all new champions and I don’t see creative bothering to do anything different for Kofi and Truth. I predict the tag team champs to retain. Confidence points: 3

Lightning: Finally the Prime Time Players get their Tag Team Title shot. They won the Four Corners Number One Contenders Match months ago and have been held back from their title shot, including two more number one contenders matches. The WWE seems high on O’Neil and Young and rumors were they were going to become tag team champions in the near future. The PTP hold singles victories over Truth and Kofi, and they beat Truth down on Raw. Kofi and Truth’s reign has been good and they have faced the primrary 3 tag teams several times, time for new tag teams to move into the mainstream.

Prediction: The Prime Time Players to become New Tag Team Champions
Confidence Points: 3

Dolph Ziggler vs Chris Jericho

Ace: This one is too easy, Dolph Ziggler. Jericho is going on tour with Fozzy. It’s common knowledge. I do predict that this will be a hell of an awesome match. Zigs can sell explosions to Michael Bay, and Jericho does an awesome job at putting younger talent over. This has potential to be Match of the Night.

KP: Dolph Ziggler has really come into his own in 2012, now he’s got money in the bank. When it comes to recent holders I’d say he was losing no doubt but with the Rockstar Energy tour starting next week, Chris Jericho would leave us and go on tour with his band and more power to him. I think it’s safe to say that his return was a bit underwhelming without a HUGE victory on his part but I think he’s been the best one playing his part. Just constant putting people over, the selflessness he has to put over guys like Sheamus and Punk (Who are the World Champions). It’s tough seeing him go because that quality in him is what is missing in some of these “returning stars” lately. At the end of the day I think this match is basically 50/50 at this point. Win or lose, Dolph Ziggler will look like a World Champion and eventually he will become one again very soon and longer than a few minutes, haha.

Prediction: A great match (Yes it’s a cop out, bite me)

Thunder: This match is going to be fantastic. I’m going to be honest, everyone is picking Ziggler to win this match and have his big ppv moment, but I disagree with that assumption. Ziggler is going to have one of this best matches ever, but Jericho is going to get the win. Dolph and Jericho have been getting the best of one another back and forth for a few weeks now. I predict that Y2J wins this one and then goes on tour with Fozzy. Confidence points: 5

Lightning: In my most antcipated match on the Summerslam card, Ziggler tries to prove Jericho can’t win the big one. With Jericho’s departure looming very soon, we should expect Jericho to maybe make an appearance on Raw and be gone for his last Fozzy tour. It has yet to be confirmed when he’ll return. I suspect he will be gone for a couple months. Ziggler still has big things on the horizon for him before 2012 ends, which will include a World Title run.

Prediction: Chris Jericho
Confidence Points: 2

QuickNote: Jericho has been winless on PPVs since his return to the WWE but it’s by design to have him put over the younger talent. Jericho is a true professional and an excellent reason the future of the business is looking bright. A win over Ziggler doesn’t mean he isn’t putting over Ziggler because you can still lose and be put over(Orton on Rhodes anybody?)

Intercontinental Championship Match: The Miz(c) vs Rey Mysterio

Ace: Well, here’s a way to step up the Intercontinental Championship’s prestige, right? Typically it’s reserved for midcarders ready to make the big picture, but Mysterio & Miz going at it? Something doesn’t feel right here. This is some weird booking on WWE’s part. Should be an all around solid match though.

Honestly, I find this too tough to call. I’m going to side with Rey Mysterio on this one (I literally erased and re-wrote my decision about ten times.) Miz really needs to be bumped back into the main event picture and there’s no time like the present.

KP: The Miz since coming back on the scene has looked very good (Thanks in part also to Christian) and I think he’s making himself known again. Mysterio is just coming back and has been on a roll. I just hope WWE actually lets Miz become a major player again because I thought he did a great job as WWE Champion for about 5 months and I think he should have a chance at having it again down the line (maybe a good Rumble appearance). Mysterio has partially gotten on my nerves when Summerslam rolls by because I heard he just wanted to keep on winning when he had to face Ziggler for the Intercontinental Championship a few years ago.

Prediction: Miz retains the IC title

Thunder: Summerslam has hosted very important IC Title matches over the years, and other years the belt has been completely neglected. These two guys were in the FINALS of the WWE Title tournament last year on Raw and put on an EXCELLENT match. I expect no less from these two this time around, and I predict that the Miz will get the victory and retain the Intercontinental Championship. Confidence points: 5

Lightning: So, since The Miz has won the IC Title he hasn’t won a match(except for his rematch with Christian on Smackdown the same week he won the title). The Miz has been booked oddly this year losing practically every match except his WrestleMania match and the IC Title win over Christian. He lost to Kane on Raw and then lost to Mysterio on the next episode of Smackdown to set this match up. Mysterio returned to attack Del Rio and then….well, frankly beat The Miz. The booking doesn’t always make sense. Christian seemed to be a transitional champion, something that should never happen to Christian. Hopefully they book The Miz differently.

ML: The Miz to retain the IC Title
Confidence Points: 4

Kane vs Daniel Bryan

Ace: Poor D-Bry. It seems that Kane has dropped another rising star back into midcard hell. Remember when Zack Ryder was US Champ? Remember how he got involved with Eve & Kane? Well, now Kane & AJ have screwed D-Bry back down the ladder. More frustratingly dumb booking on WWE’s part.

Expect Kane’s pyro to go off before the match since he’s going to lose this one. Lately it seems all they can do is make the Big Red Monster seem like the Lame Duck Monster as he loses to the faces all the time. I think Daniel Bryan’s going to win and this will bring about a face turn. (Or maybe not since he’s also gone the way of Crybaby Christian before his injury.)

KP: The odd couple strikes again, AJ is general manager and Daniel Bryan’s life has gone up from YES, YES, YES! To NO, NO, NO! His mental stress must be at an all time high and now Kane (as his anger management counselor) will beat the anger out of him. Then again we may see another episode of Kane getting someone to embrace the hate (remember that crap from earlier this year?) since Charlie Sheen supposedly is making an appearance. I’m not too high on that just because of Sheen’s past. But I digress, I believe this will make for a great big man little man match and I expect a few distractions.

Prediction: Kane wins

Thunder: Daniel Bryan has had the most character development of any star since last year. Kane will be made to look terrific by DBry. This match won’t go very long, and I see a specific scenario playing out. I see Daniel Bryan finding a way to roll up Kane for the win, and I see Kane slamming DBry with a chokeslam after the match. This will lead to DBry’s confrontation with Charlie Sheen once he recovers from the chokeslam. DBry wins this one. Confidence Points: 5

Lightning: I thought I was getting sick of this feud but I actually changed my mind. I like the direction they went with this. With thay said, I feel Daniel Bryan and Kane should have taken bigger part in a higher profile match for Summerslam. Kane is a tough wrestler to work with and actually make look good. Daniel Bryan could make Trips’ bad “arm break” look good. This match shouldn’t be anything more than what it is expected to be(a solid match but nothing special). I sense bigger things for DBry in the near future.

Prediction: Kane
Confidence Points: 2

QuickNote: DBry, unfortunately, has been booked to lose a majority of his matches this year. With the recent “No! No! No!” trademark and character development, a loss to Kane would further enhance that character. I expect that to happen.

World Title Match: Sheamus(c) vs Alberto Del Rio

Ace: Super Sheamus will trample Del Rio. The only way I see a different outcome is if Del Rio wins the match and Ziggler cashes it in that night to win. Del Rio just hasn’t won me over, and Ziggler would be a much better champion than the stale Super Sheamus.

KP: Alberto Del Rio to me has been looking good recently, as Mike hates to admit it. That match at Money in the Bank with Sheamus, I would not have minded a Del Rio win in that case because he looked like he really WANTED it for once. But in my opinion I just think the feud should end already. Sheamus has been on a HUGE roll since Wrestlemania, barely losing and just constant pushing to the moon that it’s becoming slightly annoying. I’ve heard rumors of having Ziggler cash in at Summerslam, not buying too much into it because it’s Ziggler….he can milk it for as long as needed. Just find a new feud Sheamus and drop the title soon.

Prediction: Sheamus retains the WH title

Thunder: I think Ace hit the nail on the head with this one. Del Rio will find a way to win the title dirty, and Sheamus will brogue kick him after the match. Ziggler will cash in after that. The only other thing I could see happening is Sheamus winning and being attacked by ADR. This would be followed up by Ziggler still cashing in. ADR wins. Confidence points: 5

Lightning: Del Rio is the WWE resident Number 1 Contender, always the Bridesmaid and never the bride. I picked Del Rio at Money in the Bank feeling that Sheamus’ run had grown stale and stagnant. With their match actually being good, but receiving ZERO reaction from the crowd, I expect the same thing to happen here. Nobody cares about Del Rio because of his huge lack of charisma and Sheamus’ glaring blandness in character as of late will be contributing factors to the lack of response for these two. Look for a solid match, just not an overly impressive one.

Prediction: Alberto Del Rio to become New World Champion
Confidence Points: 2

QuickNote: I don’t know how many more times I’m going to pick this idiot, but between his new aggressive style and Vince McMahon’s love for him. I expect Del Rio to become World Champion again, much to my displeasure.

WWE Championship Match: John Cena vs Big Show vs CM Punk(c)

Ace: This has got to be the single worst setup ever. Big Show really doesn’t need to be in the title picture, and Cena doesn’t either. I get it; Cena’s been out of the race for a year. It doesn’t mean they should put the belt on him. There’s one of two possible outcomes for the match since a commercial where I live advertised Night of Champions months ago with Cena vs. Punk.

I think the Cena-Punk rivalry is going to continue on for a while. Cena’s going to eventually get the belt back and it’ll be all about Cena & Rock again, which will put me to sleep every week. I honestly was happy when Punk attacked Rock because he simply had it coming to him. Guys like Punk & (I hate to say it) Cena give 110 percent, 365 days a year, and Rock just pops in when it’s convenient to a WWE storyline or he needs to promote a movie.

Either way, Cena could win it forcing a rematch at Night of Champions, or Cena could lose it and gain the #1 Contendership again to challenge at Night of Champions. I’m going to go with the latter of the two.

CM Punk to win.

KP: Big Show isn’t winning, he’s there as filler for who knows what. I’ve heard rumor after rumor of Cena facing Rock at the Rumble for the strap then Rock facing Punk at Wrestlemania for it or Punk facing Rock at the Rumble and having Rock and Cena part II for the title. I’m already tired of it, I think if you take the title off Punk so after the GTS….to me it would have felt like it were for nothing. I actually want Punk to keep the title through the Rumble. Yes I said it; I want CM Punk to make it to the Rumble as the WWE Champion AND STAY the WWE Champion. Why? Selfish reasons and I think he has worked his ass off for so many years and he deserves this long title run. To me Cena doesn’t need the title again….The Rock shouldn’t even be in a WWE Championship match but since it is set in stone already I have one question for Dwayne? What would Jericho do? He would put CM Punk over and put him in that same spotlight he shined under for a few years, give him the rub that will put his career in the record books and to unforeseen heights. Then again, the rumors might prove to be true.

Prediction: CM Punk retains the WWE title

Thunder: Everyone is stating the obvious. WWE has been trying like hell to go against the obvious as of late. I’m excited for this match, and I think it’s going to be an excellent main event for the show. I’m also predicting that the one person no one thinks is going to win the title will actually walk out of LA as the new WWE Champion. I predict the Big Show will come out on top and win the WWE Title. Why? Because it would surprise people.

Lightning: With Triple H’s and Brock Lesnar’s egos on the card, chances are that match will unfortunately be the main event. Hard to fathom John Cena not in the main event. CM Punk’s new attitude, which borders on whiny and repetitive, has caused quite the stir amongst the WWE Universe. I don’t believe it’s a heel turn as much as I do another Anti-Cena turn. Big Show is being booked as “unstoppable” except against SuperCena. And Cena is well, still Cena unfortunately. Cena showed his large lack of regression in the ring after that awful CM Punk running knee-bulldog combination on Raw. This match is going to be a snoozefest unless they find a way to make Show and Cena interesting with Punk.

Prediction: CM Punk to retain the WWE Championship
Confidence Points: 4

QuickNote: Look for Cena to hit the AA or another one of his “big” moves on Show just to have Punk steal the win from Cena at the end.

Triple H w/Shawn Michaels? vs Brock Lesnar w/Paul Heyman

Ace: Well, this could be a slobberknocker… e_e; Shawn will most likely be in Trips’ corner for this match. I expect Trips and Lesnar to beat the living tar out of each other while Heyman and Shawn go at it and interfere. If HHH wins, Brock’s story is over and I doubt he’ll agree to additional appearances or do WrestleMania (thank god.) If Brock wins, I have no clue where the hell they would go with the storyline. I’m going to go with HHH closing out this feud and putting us out of Brock’s misery (seriously, he should never be allowed to use the microphone.)

KP: The Perfect Storm for me has felt like a FUGLY Hurricane. Brock Lesnar (ding, he’s a name I referenced earlier) is just….I mean I liked the guy in his initial run in 2002-2004 but ever since he came back, I just feel that aura of greediness. What makes it worse is when he talks sometimes, part of me just thinks, “Pass the *bleep*ing microphone to Heyman.” Why? Because Paul Heyman is a creative genius and can mold something out of nothing. I’ve gotten a bit sour on Triple H since last year’s “Summer of Punk” because I felt like he tried to bury CM Punk (to no avail) but in this feud, we’ve had two broken arms and a few brawls that will come to a head at Summerslam. Part of me isn’t looking forward to this match very much, Heyman’s reaction to Brock breaking HBK’s arm leads me to think he’s probably on his way out soon and to top it all off….I just want this feud to end already, please kill it.

Prediction: Botching and interference (What? I think that’s a valid prediction)

Thunder: A lot of people feel like Lesnar losing this match will mean his return has been meaningless. I disagree. Lesnar is there to promote ppv main events, not win matches. I’ll pick Triple H to get his revenge in this match and pick up the win, but I don’t see Shawn Michaels making any sort of appearance with his broken arm. Confidence points: 4

Lightning: I’m not really sure what to say about this match other thab this match would have been better years and years ago. Today? Not so much. Despite Lesnar and Trips looking to be in better shape than their matches against John Cena and Kevin Nash, respectively, I wouldn’t be surprised to see this match being the main event. If that happens, with CM Punk’s recent character change, and if he retains, he could get involved somehow and cost Trips the match. This would setup the potential (and rumored) Paul Heyman/CM Punk alliance and setup the anti-Hero vs Corporation-type storyline that we have seen several times.

Prediction: Triple H
Confidence Points: 2

QuickNote: If Punk gets involved I don’t expect it to technically cost Trips the match but partake in the post-match festivities. Lesnar losing won’t be a surprise but there’s still a possibility that he could win with Punk’s help.

Most people think the 2012 Summerslam will see a new World Heavyweight Champion one way or another. Frankly, I’d say Sheamus’ run is over and it’s time for a new reign if Smackdown wants to continue being the better overall show than Raw. I’d like to thank Jace Ace, KP, and Lightning for putting their thoughts into this piece. Thanks for checking out our Summerslam predictions, and I hope you enjoy the show! and

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