SNL Humiliated Donald Trump & Will Smith’s Wife

It is noted that with the return of Saturday Night Live to NBC following the end of the writers strike, “Weekend Update” with Colin Jost and Michael Che was also back to poke fun at politicians and pop culture.



Jost poked fun of Donald Trump and this time it was for his comments about the Middle East countries saying that some world leaders are making things worse.

“Former President Trump went out of his way to praise the terrorist group Hezbollah calling them ‘very smart,’” Jost said before his quip, “Though in Trump’s defense, he thinks Hezbollah is the genie from Aladdin.”

The political jokes continued with Che noting Laphonza Butler was the first gay Black female senator.

“Umm, you mean second, said George Santos,” Che joked.

Che would go on and bring up the indictments Santos is facing joking that he was indicted for “wreckless homicide,” noting his extra-fitted jacket and a button that “shot off and killed a bystander.”

Later on, Che would tackle the marital drama between Jada Pinkett Smith and Will Smith after the Red Table Talk host said she had been separated from her husband since 2016.

“Ironically after he suggested that she should star in G.I. Jane 2,” Che quipped.

Chef was referencing the joke Chris Rock made that triggered Will to get off his seat and slap the Oscar presenter.

Barry Russell
Barry Russell
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