SNL Star Brutally Attacks Melania Trump

It has been noted that Saturday Night Live‘s Weekend Update recently began by going after George Santos, the former New York congressman who was expelled by his colleagues Friday via Rolling Stone.



“This week, we said goodbye to a former first lady, a former Secretary of State, and the Supreme Court’s first female justice,” co-anchor Colin Jost began, referring to Rosalynn Carter, Henry Kissinger and Sandra Day O’Connor.

“Melania said that she was deeply saddened to be reminded that your partner can live that long,” Che said of the most recent former first lady, whose spouse is 77.

Turning to Elon Musk‘s recent visit with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Che noted that the owner of X, formerly Twitter, agreed that Israel “must destroy Hamas.”

“And I think Musk could destroy Hamas almost instantly by becoming their CEO,” Che joked.

This fall, Musk valued his social media site, which he had bought for $44 billion, at less than half that: $19 billion.

Jost then referred to Musk’s response to an interviewer’s question about antisemitism.

Musk “was asked if he was antisemitic, and said that he was in fact ‘philosemitic,’” Jost said. “You know, another answer would be ‘no.’”

Musk not only has been pushing antisemitic ideas, but bogus conspiracy theories like Pizzagate. High-profile advertisers, meanwhile, are fleeing the site.

Barry Russell
Barry Russell
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