Snoop Dogg & Bill Cosby Sad Bombshell Leaks

Houston Astros manager Dusty Baker revealed he received calls from Snoop Dogg and Dusty Baker before the World Series.



One African American icon who didn’t call Baker is Mike Tyson, who had similar accusations to Bill Cosby. Mike Tyson is incredibly remorseful about his past and he’s owned up to it. In fact, Tyson has stated that he just is no longer the angry kid who was in the boxing ring knocking people out night after night. If we take a step back, that’s actually what Tyson stated in his last match. Tyson said that he no longer is in the place or state of mind.

During that early ’90s era, Tyson was constantly harassed by members of the media that wanted to get the best headline or story. Their goal was to exploit his mishaps that were constant during that era. Mike was spotted in parties on the regular and he never denied partying hard. In an infamous press conference right before a fight, Mike Tyson famously responded to a spectator that asked people to put him in a straight jacket.

Tyson would turn to the person and say: “I will f**k you til you love me!” a quote that has become part of the Mike Tyson ethos from that specific era. One that described just how ruthless and frightening he was. Mike was fresh out of jail when that happened, he was about to face Lennox Lewis.

Piers Morgan slyly brought this rape allegation up when Tyson talked about what he has done for his family. Mike responded he would buy his wife a house in order to make her happy. That’s when Piers told his joke: “That would make ME love you,” said Morgan in front of an uncomfortable Mike. Maybe he seemed quick with his response but the joke was definitely in poor taste.

Mike took this one on the chin.

Dustin Schumacher
Dustin Schumacher
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