Snoop Dogg Caught Using Drugs With UFC Woman

During a recent appearance on Brendan Fitzgerald’s podcast ‘Fitz Nation’ UFC commentator Laura Sanko recalled a story where she screwed up the pronunciation of a fighter’s name during Dana White’s Contender Series. This would lead Sanko to also share her run in with famed rap star Snoop Dogg during the series’ first season. Wrestling-Edge transcribed the following comments. A top combat sports name recently leaked this UFC star steroid accusation.



Sanko: I was mortified. It was the end of the night and I was like: “oh my God, I completely screwed that up. I feel so dumb, this is so embarrassing.” I’m shoving all of my things into a huff because I’m so mad at myself and one of Snoop [Dogg]’s guys came over and said that he wants to see me in his trailer. I was like, ‘Me? really? Ok.’ I go trouncing out there to trailer that was outside and you have to understand – I don’t smoke. I have partaken, maybe, five times in my life. I think it was less than that. Anyway, two of them were with Snoop and I go out there and it was a cloud [of smoke].

Sanko continued: I walk in there and he’s just sitting there in the corner, chilling as you would imagine on couch and he’s just like ‘hey girl’. I don’t know if he ever knew my name but he would just call me by whatever I was wearing – like ‘what’s up red dress?’ I’m so nervous and so aware of how uncool and how not ‘street’ I am. I’m trying to not overdo it or whatever and he just goes – and this is exactly how he said it – ‘man that African kid’s name gave you trouble didn’t it?’ I’m like, yes it did.’

Michael Joseph
Michael Joseph
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