Snoop Dogg Daughter Scorching Pool Photo Leaks

Snoop Dogg recently took to his Instagram account and posted a series of throwback pictures that also featured his daughters who were growing up fast at the time. Snoop’s daughter Cori recently posted pool photos with her boyfriend.



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Dogg’s daughter Cori Broadus turned 23 years old on June 22, and her longtime boyfriend Wayne Duece took to Instagram to celebrate, writing her a touching and heartfelt birthday tribute. Cori’s been on the receiving end of hate from social media trolls questioning the foundation of her relationship and suggesting that Wayne is only with her because of who her father is.

There are even more rude comments below the post that allege Wayne — who Cori has been dating since 2018 — is dating her to “get signed,” “secure a trust fund,” is only “in it for the money,” and that he would “never look at her twice if her daddy wasn’t Snoop.” On July 3, Cori took to her own Instagram to speak out.

“Y’all are so miserable and it’s so sad🥺 It’s so hard not to let ppl comments get to you cause you know deep down they struggling but I’m still human and words hurt,” wrote Cori in an Instagram Story. “How do y’all have time to sit on someone page and just talk sh*t it never made sense to me. But if they see you in person it’s another story. So so hateful I’m praying ’cause that’s a sickness [for real].”

“Y’all love saying a n***a must like me cause my daddy Snoop Dogg, like why can’t he just love me for me,” continued Cori in another slide. “It’s deeper than just being his daughter I’m my own person I’m more then [sic] that & I hate that I feel like I gotta go on here & do all this but I been dealing with this sh*t since high school it’s frustrating as f*ck, to have to question if that’s the case. I hate it here y’all f*ckn suck.”

Cori Broadus opens up on mental health

A few days later, Cori hosted a vulnerable Instagram Live session in which she opened up further about her experiences with mental health challenges and suicidal thoughts, noting that her early diagnosis of Lupus combined with colorism-fueled bullying have severely impacted her mental health and self-confidence since she was a child:

“It was just so many ‘why, why, whys.’ I hated everything about me. And to this day, there’s a couple things that I hate… so just because you have money, just because you’re able to do certain things that people can’t do it doesn’t mean you don’t have a heart, you don’t have a mind, you don’t have a soul,” said Cori in her IG Live.

“I go through it just like everybody else,” she continued. “And I try to be as transparent and as open as possible because I know there’s people out there that go through stuff, maybe worse. But you can’t make me feel like how I feel is not important or it don’t matter because my dad is rich and because I have this and that… that sh*t don’t mean nothing to me.”

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