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“Tha Dogg House” is the first-ever co-branded storefront Snoop Dogg and Funko opened on Friday. Fans can scoop up the “Dogg House” collection of Snoop-inspired Funko Pop! and GOLD figurines also available at and Amazon while supplies last.



More details about Tha Dogg House

Located at 913 S. Prairie Ave. in Inglewood, Calif., “Tha Dogg House” is steps away from Snoop Dogg Clothing and directly across the street from SoFi Stadium. The collaboration, marking Funko and Snoop’s first time partnering on a retail space, came together with help from Snoop’s longtime friend and collaborator DJ Skee.

“We already love their products, but [DJ Skee] put me in touch with the business side of it,” Snoop told Billboard during the grand opening on Friday. “Once we started talking about business and the things that we could do, it was just a natural fit.”

Inside “Tha Dogg House,” fans will find exclusive collectibles from Funko’s Pop! and GOLD lines, including a figurine of Snoop in his Lakers jersey and a fur coat, Pop! vinyls of Tupac and Notorious B.I.G., plus a ton of other products spanning sports, music, anime, movies TV and more.

Opening the store is a “dream come true” for Snoop, who now has two stores in the same plaza and he might be adding a third.

“I’m thinking about opening an ice cream shop called Dr. Bombay’s Ice Cream,” he said.

“It feels good,” Snoop added of having two stores. “As a kid I never even dreamed of having one store, so to have two in the same shopping center, right across the street from SoFi Stadium, this is like a dream come true.”

Besides shopping, fans can snap photos in front of the massive Snoop mural and life-size Pop figures of LeBron James, Tupac and others.

The green flooring inside the store mimics a football field, a nod to Snoop’s love of sports. The 51-year-old rapper runs a youth football league and performed at the Super Bowl halftime show last year, and while he had “no advice” for Rihanna ahead of her Super Bowl halftime show next month, he invited the “Lift Me Up” singer to visit the store and The Compound, his massive studio space located in Inglewood.

“The only advice I have for [Rihanna] is to stop by this store, come by The Compound, and come see me in the ‘green room.’”

On another note, with 2023 just getting started, Snoop’s plans include continuing to inspire the youth.

“Making money, making a difference,” he said. “I was a kid that dreamed of [success] and it happened, so I want to give kids a chance to actually live their dreams before they get to [my] age. Sometimes that’s just being around me, being around this environment. That means a lot because I had none of this as a kid and I became [successful]. Imagine if I could give them more than what I never had?”

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