Snoop Dogg Drops Pele Bombshell Before Health Scare

Brazilian legend Pele has been dealing with health issue lately. Popular names such as Snoop Dogg and boxing great Mike Tyson has shared their thoughts on the soccer legend.



Snoop Dogg and Mike Tyson open up on Pele

On November 29th, the legendary soccer player was admitted to a hospital in Sao Paulo. He has colon cancer, and doctors stress that in order to prevent heart or kidney failure, he needs more intensive treatment.

In one of the episodes of Hotboxin’ with Mike Tyson, Snoop Dogg and the former boxer were discussing soccer. They went on to discuss the magic that Pele presented on the field. Tyson stated:

 “That’s distinguished, that’s a bad*ss.”

Snoop Dogg: There’s Ali, Pele. He up there will Ali, man. That’s Pele, man, knock it off.

Mike Tyson:Cool, confident, badass.

Snoop Dogg: Mo****er got one name, you know, that is sh*t, Pele.

Mike Tyson: Pele’s name’s known all over the world.

The two were speaking highly about Pele and had a lot to say about the illustrious Brazilian athlete. Pele is one of the most important individuals in soccer history. He is the only sports person in history to have won three FIFA World Cups. However, Pele is going through a health crisis, and his supporters are concerned about him. To cheer him, his family gathered in the hospital on Christmas Eve to spend time with him.

His daughter Kely Nascimento shared a picture with her father in the hospital and wrote, “Here we go, in the fight and in faith.
One more night together”

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