Snoop Dogg Drops Prince Harry & Queen Bombshell

WWE Hall Of Famer and legendary rapper, Snoop Dogg has recently cracked jokes about Prince Harry and Queen Elizabeth.



Snoop Dogg cracked jokes about Prince Harry and Queen Elizabeth recently after the death of the Queen, but it should be noted that the jokes were not at all harsh or in vain. In fact, Snoop has nothing but fond memories of the duo.

On his Instagram, he shared a funny video to pay tribute to Queen Elizabeth who died at the age of 96. The rapper is seen joking about how Prince Harry told his grandmother that he loves Snoop’s music.

The Hall Of Famer would then ensure to caption the video as “RIP to the Queen”. The video was a clip from a sit-down conversation with DJ Who Kid. In the video, Snoop Dogg would talk about a time when the UK wanted him out for legal reasons. In their opinion, according to tabloids, Snoop Dogg was not good for the country and had a poor track record.

Snoop Dogg would then joke about Harry going to his grandmother, the Queen, and stating “Grandma, please let him in. We love his music.” In Snoop Dogg’s version of the story – the Queen obliges. While there is no word on if the story truly went this way – we would easily assume that Snoop Dogg would be back to the UK in due time.

Queen Elizabeth II, the longest-serving monarch in British history and an icon instantly recognizable to billions of people around the world, died on Thursday, but not without some controversy from various areas of the world. Ireland would be one spot that would host celebrations as would Scotland.

King Charles has also recently be crowned and now England will enter an ongoing mourning period for just about two weeks before they try to re-find their sense of normalcy.

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