Snoop Dogg Posts Sad Michael Jackson Photo

Popular rapper Snoop Dogg recently took to his Instagram account and posted a throwback picture of legendary Michael Jackson.



Snoop Dogg and Master P help 7-year-old boy

Snoop Dogg recently joined hands with Master P to aid a seven-year-old boy who lost his sight to gun violence publish his book.

Malakai Roberts from Lexington, Kentucky was permanently blinded last year when bullets tore through his home on December 21, with his mother suffering a gunshot wound to her arm while trying to protect her two sons.

However, once gunfire ceased, mother Cacy discovered that a bullet had gone into Malakai’s head, missing his brain by just 2cm, leaving him blind and permanently without a sense of smell or taste. One year later and Malakai has written a children’s book about overcoming adversity, titled Adventures With Malakai.

It has been noted that Malakai’s book, which draws on his personal experiences, was debuted at a YMCA in Kentucky this week, where Master P joined him to celebrate the achievement.

Speaking to WLKY News about the book, Master P hailed both the book and author Malakai as ‘special.’

“This book is going to be special because Malakai is special. I mean, this kid has never given up with all the adversity he went through so this book is gonna be special,” he said. And it’s all about kids, so we’re gonna be able to teach kids and help Malakai keep his adventures going.”

Master P added:

”It’s going to be incredible for the kids. I mean, ‘cause we want kids to know how to overcome adversity and by him losing his eyesight with the tragedies he’s been through, this has been incredible to be able to write a book with Malakai.”

It is to be mentioned that the young boy’s book series will launch in collaboration with Snoop Dogg’s developing Snoop Loopz cereal brand.

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