Snoop Dogg Posts Tragic Biggie & Tupac Photo

Snoop Dogg recently took to his Instagram account and posted pictures of rappers who passed away and it includes Biggie Smalls and Tupac Shakur.



Check it out below:

Snoop Dogg doppelganger wins Instagram access

It has been noted that a Brazilian court has instructed Instagram to reactivate the account of a man who looks identical to hip-hop icon Snoop Dogg. Jorge Toledo, 42, had his Instagram account banned by the social media network in July, according to Brazilian news site G1.

Instagram was given 48 hours to reinstate Toledo’s @snoop.carioca account on October 27 after the case was heard by the 1st Special Civil Court of the District of Duque de Caixas.

However, Toledo’s profile was still inaccessible as of Thursday afternoon. Toledo claimed he doesn’t know why Instagram deactivated his account.

”They didn’t tell me anything, they just knocked it down”, he said.

Toledo said he initially drew recognition as Snoop Dogg’s doppelganger after strangers approached him during a Rio de Janeiro carnival and told him that he reminded them of the rapper.

”I’ve always had great hair. At the carnival they said straight that I looked like Snoop. I didn’t care much,’ he said. ‘I like him, but I’ve always listened to Michael Jackson more.”

The married father took Snoop Dogg’s hair do and became a social media star.

”I did braids and posted,” he recalled. ”It became a meme. My friend posted a video. Snoop saw it.”

Snoop Dogg eventually caught wind of the video in February 2020 and joked, ”I found my cousin in Brazil.”

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