Snoop Dogg Reveals Illegal Drug Problem In Missouri

The popular rapper Snoop Dogg is getting involved in Missouri politics, specifically Amendment 3. Missouri voters will head to the polls on Nov. 8, to decide whether marijuana should be legal for anyone 21 and older.



Snoop Dogg posted an image on his Instagram account to his 77 million followers, educating them that “On November 8, voters in 5 states can end cannabis prohibition.”

Along with the Show-Me State, voters in Arkansas, Maryland, North Dakota, and South Dakota will decide if cannabis should be legalized.

The District of Columbia and 19 other states have already legalized marijuana. Snoop Dogg has been an advocate of marijuana. He unveiled a line of cannabis called Leafs by Snoop in 2015. He also partnered with TSUMo Snacks earlier this year on a cannabis-infused edible called Snazzie Os.

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