Snoop Dogg Reveals Tupac Shakur Drug Secret

It is no secret that popular rapper Snoop Dogg has affinity towards marijuana. His professional ‘joint roller’ has revealed the number of marijuana blunts a day he smokes a day.



Snoop Dogg smokes shocking number of blunts

It has been revealed that Dogg smokes a whopping number of blunts and it is up to 150. The Gin and Juice star, 51, lives in California where recreational marijuana use is legal, and has employed a full-time joint roller since 2016. The employee, known as Renegade, revealed on Kyle and Jackie O on Tuesday she had rolled more than 450,000 joints for Snoop during that time.

“I calculate it at over 450,000. I do about half a pound a day, which is 75 to 150 joints,’ she told radio hosts Kyle Sandilands and Jackie ‘O’ Henderson.

Kyle said he once spent time in California with Snoop, who told him he’d learned how to roll joints from late hip-hop icon Tupac Shakur.

”He said, ‘I’m going to teach you something Tupac taught me,’ and he showed me how to roll a blunt,’ Kyle explained.

Back in 2019, the rapper appeared on the The Howard Stern Show alongside fellow pot enthusiast Seth Rogen, where he was asked why he required a blunt roller.

Snoop simply replied: “I don’t have time.” 

He went on to say that his roller’s timing was ‘impeccable’, with a knack of appearing with a blunt in his hand just at the right moment.

“That’s his J-O-B, his occupation. On his resumé, it says, ‘What do you do?’ ‘I’m a blunt roller. P-B-R, professional blunt roller.’

“If you’re great at something I need, I’m hiring you.”

Snoop also revealed that he paid the roller ‘somewhere between $40,000 and $50,000 a year’, along with perks like ‘free week’ and ‘all paid expenses’.

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