Snoop Dogg Took ‘Back Seat’ To Tupac Before…

Film director Allen Hughes revealed in an interview with the Rap Radar Podcast that Snoop Dogg, also known as the Doggfather, willingly took a backseat in his career to allow the late 2Pac to shine during a particular era in hip-hop. Hughes commended Snoop’s humility in allowing 2Pac to become the star, despite Snoop’s own status as one of the hottest acts in the music industry at the time.



During the interview, Hughes mentioned the unique circumstances of that era, when 2Pac was simultaneously a rockstar of the hip-hop world and facing a murder trial. Fortunately, 2Pac was acquitted, and there was a brief window when Snoop chose to diminish his own spotlight to let 2Pac take the forefront.

Hughes expressed his surprise at Snoop’s decision, given that Snoop was the prominent figure during that period. The director’s comments shed light on the dynamics and relationships within the hip-hop community during a pivotal moment in its history.

It’s worth noting that Allen Hughes is set to direct Snoop Dogg’s Universal Pictures biopic, which was announced in 2022 and is slated to begin production. Hughes expressed his excitement about the project, and Snoop Dogg emphasized the importance of choosing the right director and company to portray his legacy on screen.

“You got a guy that was the rockstar of that era,” Hughes said. “And in the same era, he’s on trial for murder… and thank God, [he] beats the case. And then you got all that little window where Snoop dimmed his light for 2Pac.”

He continued, “I never understood that back then. I remember Snoop just dimming his light and letting 2Pac shine when Snoop was the guy, y’know?”

Additionally, earlier this year, Hughes released the critically acclaimed docuseries “Dear Mama,” which focused on 2Pac and his mother, Afeni Shakur. However, some of Hughes’s comments during the press run for the series generated controversy, as he shared his perspective on Snoop and 2Pac’s personas and lifestyles.

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