Snoop Dogg Was Brutally Humiliated By Trump

It has been noted that in the waning hours of Donald Trump’s presidency, his mind wasn’t staying on the violent insurgency he had helped perpetuate on January 6, his fake elector scheme to overturn the general election results, or the transfer of power to his successor, Joe Biden. According to former administration officials, Trump’s mind was consumed by one thing and it was Snoop Dogg.



“Well, f**k him,” Trump moaned, according to administration officials interviewed by Rolling Stone.

The magazine claimed that shortly before Biden took office, long-standing animosities between Trump and Snoop D.O. Double G had reappeared, all but destroying the “love and respect” that the two had grown to share during the latter part of Trump’s presidency while collaborating on executive clemency for federal inmates.

One of Snoop’s closest pals, Michael “Harry-O” Harris, the co-founder of Death Row Records, who had been sentenced to decades in prison on charges of attempted murder and cocaine trafficking, was granted mercy as a result.

But certain administration staffers were skeptical of the president’s sudden soft shoulder on criminal reform, and worked instead to compile a report on the mud that Snoop had slung at the president in the first half of his term, including a music video in which Snoop performed a symbolic execution on a Trump clown, and 2018 comments from the rapper that derided the president and his sycophantic followers as “racist.”

Any goodwill toward the volatile leader of the free world was quickly crushed by the story, which also marked the beginning of a period that one former White House staffer referred to as “chaos.” As retaliation for Snoop’s prior burns, Trump gave his aides instructions on January 18, 2021, to delete Harry-O’s name from the clemency list and destroy his documentation.

To put an end to the outburst, activists, Snoop’s crew, and a few of Trump’s closest associates had to work together to obtain unpublished documentary footage from the free Harry-O campaign that featured some of Snoop’s more recent, flattering remarks about the former game show host. It appeared to be effective.

On January 19, 2021, Harris got word that he’d be a free man.

“That’s great work for the president and his team on the way out,” Snoop Dogg reportedly said during a call, according to a January 20, 2021, article from Rolling Stone.

But all has not been forgotten—or forgiven. The prolific West Coast rapper has not endorsed Trump in his 2024 race for the White House, and “those close to him say they would be stunned if he ever did,” the magazine reports. Still, some cards have been left on the table. In an interview published by London’s Sunday Times, the rapper repeated himself: “I have nothing but love and respect for Donald Trump.”

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