Snoop Dogg’s Last Words To Kobe Bryant Leak

Snoop Dogg, a devoted Los Angeles Lakers fan, has a personal Kobe Bryant story that holds great significance to him. According to Snoop on The Pivot Podcast, the day he presented Bryant with a gift was the best day of his life as a Lakers fan, and one of the last times he saw Bryant.



The gift Snoop gave Kobe was a customized Impala, similar to the one he owned. The car had the signatures of legendary Lakers players on the back, including Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Michael Cooper. Snoop recalls showing the car to Lakers owner Jerry Buss when he received his star, and players like Jamaal Wilkes and Michael Cooper came out onto the street to sign it.

The one I gave Kobe was like this Impala right here. But it had all the great Lakers on the back of it. I had Kareem, Cooper, and they all signed it. That was the crazy s***. I pulled up my s*** to Jerry Buss when he got his star. And they were all there. Jamaal Wilkes, Michael Cooper, and they all walked out to the street and signed my s***.”

When I gave it to Kobe, [I said] look, ‘This is your s***,’” Snoop continued. “And when I showed him the back, he was like, ‘Man, everybody signed it.’ I was like, ‘Yeah, everybody signed it.’ His family still got it. That was the best day of my life to give him that as a Laker fan. This is on behalf of the whole West Coast. You need a low rider. You represent us. This is our culture.”


When Snoop gave the car to Kobe, he emphasized that it was his and showed him the back with all the signatures. Bryant was amazed and appreciative of the gesture. Snoop saw the gift as representing the entire West Coast culture and presented it to Kobe on behalf of Lakers fans. Kobe’s family still has the car as a cherished keepsake.

As a passionate Lakers fan, Snoop felt it was important to give Kobe a retirement gift that would express gratitude for everything he had done for the city. Choosing to give him his own customized Impala demonstrated the deep respect and admiration Snoop had for Kobe as both a player and a person.

While there are debates about who the greatest Laker of all time is, many believe Kobe Bryant is a strong contender for that title. The Lakers franchise has had numerous legendary players, including Magic Johnson, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Shaquille O’Neal, Jerry West, and Wilt Chamberlain. Kobe’s impact on and off the court touched the lives of many, and his “Black Mamba” philosophy resonated beyond basketball, inspiring people from different industries and professions.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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