Speaker Johnson Apologizes To Joe Biden For…

A recent report reveals that Speaker of the House Mike Johnson apologized to President Joe Biden for his eye-rolling during the State of the Union address. According to the report, Johnson pulled Biden aside to express regret for the memes that circulated widely, capturing his apparent exasperation during the president’s speech.



Real Clear Politics provided more details on the incident. During the State of the Union in March, Johnson was seated just over the president’s shoulder, and his expressions of exhaustion and frustration were caught on camera, leading to the viral memes. Later, at the Friends of Ireland luncheon on Capitol Hill, where Johnson toasted Biden, the speaker took a moment to apologize to the president for his facial expressions. The apology moment was light-hearted, with Biden jokingly comparing Johnson’s behavior to that of former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who famously tore up a speech by Donald Trump. Biden quipped, “I’m just grateful you didn’t rip my speech up,” to which Johnson replied, “Well, Mr. President, don’t think my friends back home didn’t want me to light it on fire.”

Breitbart reported that when asked about the apology, Johnson’s office did not deny that it happened. This acknowledgment by Johnson could be seen as a sign that his sympathies might lean more toward Washington insiders than toward the grassroots Republican base that elected him.

The Breitbart article noted that Johnson recently faced criticism after allowing Democrats to gain control of the House, which facilitated the smooth passage of President Biden’s agenda through Congress. Critics have suggested that this is indicative of Republicans’ reluctance to utilize their power to advance conservative policies, contrasting with Democrats’ often more aggressive approach to leveraging their authority.

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