Speculation on Jericho’s WWE Future, Update on a New WWE DVD

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter



– As noted before, WWE employees recently voted on the 50 greatest wrestlers of all-time for a new DVD that is planned. There is already controversy surrounding the project as a lot of people are voting but Vince McMahon will look at the final list and rearrange it the way he wants to make it. Apparently the DVD will contain wrestlers from all over the world, not just North America. It will be interesting to see if names like Hulk Hogan and Ric Flair make it onto the DVD.

– Several people in WWE are talking more and more about Chris Jericho leaving the company when his contract expires in September. Word is that Jericho asked officials for permission to try and become the host of ABC’s Downfall game show and was given the OK. When Jericho was hired for the show, apparently Vince McMahon got mad and nobody can really explain why.

Jericho has been on somewhat of a losing streak lately and has been given less promo time. He was the only top star missing from RAW last week where the RAW Superstars stood up against the NXT Rookies. It’s always possible that all of this is part of a storyline where Jericho would align himself with the group but that’s not confirmed.

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