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Speculation on Shane McMahon’s WWE status

Shane McMahon

SmackDown Live Commissioner Shane McMahon has been off television for quite a while now, and several questions have been raised about his status in the company.

As per Dave Meltzer, the 48-year-old is being kept off the action as there is no need for him to be involved. This also gives McMahon to truly heal from the health issues he faced prior to WrestleMania.

Meltzer also added that another possible reason for keeping McMahon off TV would be to have Paige grab the spotlight as an authority figure in the blue brand. Here’s what Meltzer had to say:

“Maybe they just want to get Paige over. They don’t need him on TV. I mean really. Paige is fine in the role. Save Shane for when they’ve got a reason for him to be there and I haven’t seen a reason of late.”

  • Soulshroude

    He’s had stock in it for a few good and long years now, yeah.

  • Nicholas Giambattista

    Well I believe when HHH hang up his wrestling boot you won’t see on TV at all.

  • CC

    Does he? I thought that deal did not go through.

  • Soulshroude

    Have we forgotten that Shane owns shares in the UFC? This might be a work with the Brock Lesnar storyline…

  • MindTricked

    She’s not, but she’s omnipresent, with constant mentions of her via Corbin and Owens every week.

  • CC

    and as this story “breaks”, WWE announce Shane will appear at the next episode of SD.

  • CC

    Eh? How often does Stephanie appear? More than Shane, granted, but she is hardly a show regular.

  • gar216

    Do you think that maybe for the 1st time in 20 years, maybe, it’s time to do away with the on air authority figure? Switch up the formula just a little. Maybe that whole 20 minute segment that starts almost every WWE show be done on social media allowing them to promote the first match of the show in advance? But what do I know, I’m just a lifelong fan.

  • oppa

    If only RAW could do the same thing.

  • CC

    We don’t exactly see lots of Stephanie or HHH either, for that matter.
    This was the idea of creating the general managers, because they will be the constant face of the “authority” on the shows, and the McMahons can show up every now and again when storyline warrants it.

    That is also how it worked well with Vince over the last few years too. When he does return, it has more impact because he is returning for something “serious”.