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Spoiler: More Title News from Tonight’s TNA Impact Wrestling Tapings

– As noted earlier, Bobby Roode defeated James Storm at tonight’s TNA Impact Wrestling tapings in Macon, Georgia to become the new World Heavyweight Champion.

Another title change happened as Madison Rayne and Gail Kim defeated Miss Tessmacher and Tara to become the new TNA Knockouts Tag Team Champions.

Stay tuned for full spoilers as our correspondent Brent is at the tapings.

  • Dx

    @venom lol that’s funny

  • venom

    Breaking news: The TNA World title has become WWE’s old hardcore title.

  • Stro

    TNA is playing musical titles again I see. Stupid.

  • poko

    Why do people complain about every single thing they possibly can? Or never wait to see where a storyline goes?

    People complained that Roode didn’t win the belt, now people are complaining that Roode won the belt. People were complaining that Angle didn’t put over a TNA original, then they were complaining that he lost to Storm. It’s so mind-numbingly negative that I wonder why some people watch it or read about it.

    I’ll wait to see what happens before I judge, personally. This rivalry might just be getting started, and it has the potential to be good. It will probably see one of them turn heel; either Roode so that he could win the belt, or Storm in an effort to get the belt back.

    Also, the way that people automatically assume that internet rumors are the reason for every decision just kills me, even when a source is never mentioned or confirmed.

  • RPM

    this is purely because the comments made about storm being too country and it’s funny given that hogan buried roode in comments so they gave the belt to storm instead of roode.

    They need to stop listening to random peoples comments and make a real business decision

  • MJ

    Im sorry but the TNA title has been changing hands for a while! Anyone remember Anderson winning the title 2 times this year? No didn’t think so. How about Sting comming back to TNA Wrestling and on his first night beats jeff hardy for his world title? WWE has been doing the samething but at least they have titles that midcarders can go after. The TV title? Knockout tag team titles? Give me a break!

  • Frank

    I guess Kurt didn’t want to put over bobby! Tara was complaining about not being used & I guess the office didn’t ‘t like it.

  • adam

    Wow that seems crazy i hated it when wwe did that disrespectful bullshit to christian and its the same with james storm. Plus it kills fortune not that imortal isnt dead right now but imortal was a great stable. But bobby as a heel will be good at least

  • Liam Catterson

    Yet again, TNA is pulling a WWE by taking the world title away from a wrestler who has been in the company for a long time, never had the chance to really be champion in about a week

    TNA = Facepalm

  • gary

    are you freaking serious?i love TNA,but having Storm lose the belt that early is stupid.At least let him have it through a few ppv’s.WWE cheapened the WWE championship by playing hot potato with it the past 3 or 4 months….no need for TNA to do the same.