Spoiler: WWE Films Segment with Last Season’s WWE NXT Winner

– WWE NXT season 4 winner Johnny Curtis appeared in a strange segment at Tuesday’s WWE SmackDown tapings in Des Moines, Iowa that left much of the crowd confused, according to one fan in attendance.



Curtis introduced himself and explained that he won NXT last season and was supposed to get a WWE Tag Team Title shot with his Pro R-Truth, but won’t be getting it. Curtis said that since he’s not getting the title shot, he’s going to do what WWE stars do when things don’t go their way. He then poured milk over his own head and the floor, apparently a play of the “crying over spilled milk” cliche.

Curtis was last seen at the Extreme Rules pay-per-view as a Lumberjack in The Corre vs. Big Show and Kane match. He picked up his first SmackDown win at this past Tuesday’s tapings, defeating Michael McGillicutty in the dark match.

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