Spoilers: More Details on the Graphic Angle at This Week’s WWE SmackDown Tapings

– As noted in Tuesday’s WWE SmackDown spoiler report from Dayton, Ohio, Cody Rhodes was busted open bad in his match against Randy Orton. Cody was actually busted open with a shot from the timekeeper’s bell, not his own mask.



In a rare WWE scene these days, pools of bloods were puddled up around the ring where most of the assault took place and Cody was covered in blood, from his head to his legs.

The announcer’s table ended up covered in blood also as it didn’t break when Orton hit Cody with an RKO on top of it.

Officials used a pile of towels to clean up all of the blood that Rhodes lost. The match will have to be heavily edited for tomorrow’s SmackDown broadcast. Word is that the camera work during the bloody angle was mostly focused on Orton’s face and not showing Rhodes at all.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

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